NFL Vegas Odds

NFL Vegas Odds

Football is the sport to bet on in America, and this is the place to be if you’re looking to properly navigate NFL Vegas odds.

Some people get thrown by the use of Las Vegas NFL odds. But it isn’t complicated. Las Vegas NFL odds are just game lines that come from sportsbooks and casinos in, you guessed it, Las Vegas!

Using Vegas odds on NFL games does not require any adjustments on your part. Vegas betting is no different than placing a wager at any other sportsbook.

In fact, Vegas odds on NFL football are more like a shorthand than actual concept. They are an easy way to inform the public how likely a given event is to happen. I.E. Outcome A is more likely to happen than Outcome B.

So if you’re basing your bets off Las Vegas odds on the NFL, you’re not limited to using specific bookies. You don’t have to be in Vegas. You can generally use NFL football Vegas odds to place wagers at any number of popular online sportsbooks.

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Using Vegas Odds to Bet on NFL Super Bowl

The NFL Super Bowl is the biggest betting event of the year across any professional or collegiate sport, and Vegas’ odds can help you make your best possible wager.

Finding the top Super Bowl Vegas odds is not particularly hard. You can shop around with a few quick online searches, or you can let us do the work for you. We have a list of the best sportsbooks in Vegas.

Timing is everything when it comes gambling on the Super Bowl. NFL playoff odds in Vegas will be vastly different depending on when you’re submitting your bet.

Essentially, you can approach Las Vegas odds on the NFL Super Bowl from two different angles. Let’s briefly run through them.

Future Vegas Super Bowl Odds

Investments in future Vegas Super Bowl odds are bets that will be placed well in advance of the NFL’s championship game.

You won’t know the two teams that are participating, which makes these wagers more difficult to win. But you will also enjoy more lucrative potential returns on Las Vegas’ NFL Super Bowl odds.

These types of championship bets are most popular prior to the start of the NFL regular season. That’s when Vegas’ odds on NFL championship games are at their richest. 

For example, let’s say you want to bet on the New York Jets to win the Super Bowl. They might be offering a 50-to-1 return on your investment before the regular season.

But if you wait until the middle of the year, and they’re not worse than expected, you will see those odds shift in favor of the sportsbook.

Last Minute Vegas Super Bowl Odds

This kind of bet effectively uses Vegas’ Super Bowl odds after the matchup has already been determined. 

Though returns on these wagers aren’t nearly as lucrative as what you can make betting futures, they’re easier to hit on. You already know which two teams are playing each other, so you’re able to make decisions based off a more finite number of outcomes.

As a rule of thumb, always try to pounce on Vegas odds for the NFL championship—and Vegas odds for NFL playoff games in general—as soon as they come out.

Super Bowl lines will always move in the days leading up to the big matchup to reflect previous action. You will assure yourself the best odds by betting earlier, before Las Vegas’ odds to win the NFL Super Bowl have a chance to adjust.

Vegas NFL Betting Lines

How to Read Vegas’ NFL odds

Interpreting Vegas’ NFL odds is not complicated. Let’s use a mock Super Bowl matchup to clearly explaing all the important betting options. 

Moneyline: New England Patriots (-250) vs. Seattle Seahawks (+300); Point Spread: Patriots (-6), Seahawks (+6); Over/under: 54.5.

Here is the hypothetical final score of this matchup: Patriots 30, Seahawks 23.

Bovada, available in Las Vegas, usually has very good odds.

Betting NFL Moneylines

Betting NFL moneylines is among the easiest thing you can do. All you care about is picking the winner of the game. And while some people might be intimidated by reading the moneyline, it really is simple:

  • The minus moneyline always belongs to the favorite. In our example, that’s the Patriots. A moneyline of -250 is how much money you need to bet to make a $100. In this case, then, for every $250 you place on the Patriots to win, you’d make $100.
  • The positive moneyline always belongs to the underdog. This number reflects how much money you make if you bet $100. If you place $100 on the Seahawks at +300 and they end up beating the Patriots, you’d make $300.

Betting NFL Point Spreads

Placing bets on NFL point spreads using Vegas odds is a little harder than hitting on moneyline wagers, but it remains an effective way to make money:

  • The negative spread reflects how much the favorite must win by for your bet to be successful. The Patriots would be a winning wager in our example, because they were a -6 and won by seven points.
  • The positive spread shows how much an underdog can lose by for your bet to hit. Taking the Seahawks at +6 would’ve meant they could lose by five points or less, or even win the game altogether. In this instance, they failed to cover because they lost by seven points.
  • Point-spread bets are sometimes subject to pushes. These occur when both teams hit the spread exactly. For our purposes, if the Patriots had beaten the Seahawks 30-24, all spread bets would have been a push, because New England won by six and Seattle lost by six.
  • What happens when your bet pushes? Great question. You neither win nor lose. You simply get your money back. To avoid this, though, most sportsbooks won’t use whole-number spreads. They’ll instead go with -6.5/+6.5.

Betting NFL’s Over/Under

Much like moneyline wagers, placing NFL over/under bets is super easy:

  • Over/under refers to the total number of points scored by both teams.
  • If the over/under is 54.5 in this Patriots-Seahawks game, the two sides must total at least 55 points to clear the over. If they combine for 54 or fewer points, they’ve hit the under.
  • In our example, the total score was 53, so this game hit the under.

NFL Vegas Odds

What Are NFL Futures?

Future bets are placed for an outcome that happens at a later date—like the Super Bowl or conference championship. While the final score in our example does not decide the outcome of either of those two events, it is meaningful in that New England is one step closer to the playoffs with a victory:

  • In a futures bet, you can wager on New England now to win the Super Bowl. If they win the championship, you win. If they don’t make the postseason or lose at any time in the playoffs, you go down with them.
  • Futures bets also come in the form of win totals. Vegas odds on NFL regular season wins come in the form of an over/under. If the Patriots had a future win total of 8.5 entering the regular season, they’re one victory closer to hitting the over (nine or more wins) after beating the Seahawks.

What Are NFL Player Props?

NFL player props are bets on outcomes that pertain to individual members of the team. And all you’re doing is choosing between a given event happening or not happening—like a yes or no question:

  • Will the Patriots quarterback throw for 300 yards? Will the Seahawks running back score a touchdown? Will Seattle’s top cornerback have an interception? These are all examples of player props.
  • Player props will usually come in the form of an over/under. If the Patriots quarterback has an over/under of 300.5 passing yards, he needs to rack up 301 or more to clear the over. Anything less hits the under.
  • Sportsbooks also offer other sorts of props that don’t deal in specific players. How many penalties will occur in Patriots-Seahawks? Which team will score first? Which player will score the first touchdown? These are all alternative props you might see.

Using Vegas’ NFL Playoff Odds

We offer NFL odds throughout the entire season—including the playoffs. 

Not much changes when betting on Vegas’ odds for the NFL playoffs. You’ll still be using moneylines, point spreads, player props and the over/under.

One difference: The NFL enters single-elimination format for the postseason. If a team loses, they’re out. A team needs to win all of their games if they’re going to be crowned Super Bowl champion.

Keep this in mind if you elect to place a futures bet on the Super Bowl winner after the playoffs begin.

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