Super Bowl Vegas Odds

Super Bowl Vegas Odds

This is the busiest weekend of the year for Las Vegas sports books. All the betting windows are open as everyone wants a piece of the action on the big game. The NBA and NHL are in full swing, but even these major sports take a back seat and alter their start times on the first Sunday in February. The Super Bowl takes center stage.

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Vegas Super Bowl Betting Online

Las Vegas sports books took in almost $140 million in wagers on the Super Bowl in 2017. Fifteen years ago, it was almost half that much.

Bettors want to join in on the excitement in a big way.

Money line, point spread and over/under all play a role, but the prop bets dominate the betting slips. There are pages and pages of these bets within the game — which team will win the coin flip, will the first score of the game be a safety, will the quarterback’s longest run of the game be more than eight yards? Gamblers line up by the thousands all weekend long on the Las Vegas Strip to put down their bets.

The first Super Bowl was played on Jan. 15, 1967 in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with Green Bay defeating Kansas City 35-10. More than 50 years later, Pittsburgh holds the record for the most championship titles with six. Dallas, New England and San Francisco are tied for second with five each.

The championship game is broadcast in seven languages in 170 countries and territories.
Advertisers pay more than $5 million for a 30-second spot — that’s almost $200,000 per second. Some viewers watch just for the entertaining commercials. Others for the big name on the halftime show. But the overwhelming majority are here for football, and most have some money on the game.

If you can’t make it to Las Vegas to place your bets or attend one of the many Super Bowl parties, there are other online betting options like BovadaTopBet and Betonline.

Super Bowl Money Lines

In Super Bowl LI, the money line odds were New England (-155) vs. Atlanta (+135). What does this mean? To win on the money line, you just have to pick a winner — period.

The numbers are only related to the payout of a winning ticket. In this case, if you bet $155 on New England, your ticket would return $255 (155+100=255). If Atlanta had won and you bet $100, your ticket would have returned $235 (100+135=235).

Super Bowl Point Spread

The point spread for the Super Bowl was New England (-3) over Atlanta.

So, New England is the favorite and must win by more than three points to “cover” the spread. If Atlanta, as the underdog, wins the game or loses by less than three points, it covers the spread. Since New England won 34-28 (six points), those betting on the Patriots won as they covered the three-point spread.

Super Bowl Over Under

The over/under point total for this game was 58.5.

You choose which side on the bet you want to be on — over or under that total score for the championship. The final score was “over” (34+28=64) the betting line of 58.5.

If you bet the over, you had a winning ticket.

It does not matter which teams win the game in this bet.

Super Bowl Futures

The Patriots were 8-1 before the season began to win Super Bowl LI.

The Falcons were 40-1. These are futures bets, since a wager has been made on an event that concludes in the future. As the season progresses and these two teams keep on winning, a futures bet is still available, but the odds are likely a lot lower.

Super Bowl Props

These bets are why the lineups are so long in Las Vegas, and why the wait is even longer. Everyone in line is betting some sort of prop bet.

The list of bets is endless, starting with odds on the exact final score for each team, to who will win the MVP award, who will catch how many passes, and on and on and on.

Some of these bets are a 50/50 proposition, some of them not even close — like will a safety be scored in the game. But this is where the huge payoffs are, and that’s what seems to draw a lot of the action.

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