MLB Postseason Vegas Odds

MLB Postseason Vegas Odds

The dog days of summer are over. It’s time for playoff baseball and the Fall Classic. The teams with the most wins in the regular season earn home-field advantage in the postseason. They are typically the favorites on the betting line as well.

playoff - week-5
Match day
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Away Score Home Money Line
Tuesday 29 October
FT Nationals 7 - 2 Astros 2.63 1.58
Wednesday 30 October
FT Nationals 6 - 2 Astros 2.25 1.75

Vegas MLB Postseason Betting Online

So, you can’t get a seat at the big game. On top of that, you forgot to play the home team in baseball futures betting when you were in Las Vegas for your last conference.

Not to worry — your next bet is just a few clicks away at BovadaTopBet and Betonline. Not only will you be handing out high-fives when your team wins, but it’s always a lot more fun when you cash a winning ticket on your favorite team.

The easiest bet to play on any game is the money line. It’s a straightforward bet — if your teams wins, you win. If your team loses, so do you.

But there are many other bets to make to try and multiply your bankroll. Futures bets, prop bets, run lines and parlays. These bets might be a little more difficult to pick than the money line, but there’s almost always a bigger return.

Experienced gamblers love the prop bets and parlays. That’s where the big payoffs are found, but we’re way past just the final score of the game here.

MLB Postseason Runline

The run line is like a point spread on a game. If a baseball team is -1.5 on the run line, the team must win by two runs or more for your ticket to be a winner. If you bet a team getting +1.5 on the run line, you ticket is a winner if the team wins the game or loses by one run.

MLB Postseason Money Lines

You want to bet on the big game, but you don’t want to bother with all the betting odds, numbers and statistics. You just want some action on your favorite team. The money line is for you. If your favorite team wins, go cash that ticket. If they lose, well … there’s always next time.

MLB Postseason Over Under

The over/under bet is best described with an example. Oddsmakers have set the over/under in our example at 8.5 runs. You think there’s going to be a lot of runs scored, so you’ve bet the over. If the total score of the game is nine runs or more, you win. If it’s eight or under, you struck out.

MLB Postseason Futures

Futures betting is exactly as it sounds. You’re betting on an event which ends sometime in the future. For baseball, the team that wins one of the league championships or World Series is the winner in futures betting. Odds can change on teams as the season progresses.

MLB Postseason Player Props

Not only do you have a favorite team, but you’re a huge fan of a couple of players as well. We know, you’ve got the jerseys to prove it. In player prop betting, oddsmakers will set the action of particular players and how they will perform in a particular game or series. You either bet with them or against them.

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