Vegas Sports Betting

Vegas Sports Betting

Whether it’s the Super Bowl, World Series or Kentucky Derby, Las Vegas has got everything a gambler needs to bet on the main event. About $3 billion is wagered at Nevada sports books each year, with roughly 95 per cent of that amount returning to those with winning tickets. Place your bets!

Vegas NFL Odds

If you’re a fan of the NFL, this section will guide you through the entire league schedule every week of the year from the preseason to the Super Bowl — with dates, game times, home teams and visitors, and the latest odds.

Vegas MLB Odds

If you’re a fan of MLB, this section will guide you through the entire league schedule every week of the year from Spring Training to the World Series — with dates, game times, home teams and visitors, and the latest odds.

Vegas Betting Lines

Millions of dollars were wagered on the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor Money Fight. But Las Vegas sports books offer so much more than just betting on a big prize fight. Betting lines are posted daily for the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, college sports, soccer and horse racing. If it’s a major event in any sport, Vegas is taking action.

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playoff - Matchday 4
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Away Score Home Money Line
Sunday 03 February
FT Patriots 13 - 3 Rams -132 +115

So your favorite team is in the championship final and you want to bet on them. You have found the correct betting line for your team, but all the different numbers look confusing.

Don’t be intimidated. Let’s start with an example and go from there.

The home team is favored to win the title game over the visitors by 3.5 points. The betting line will read something like this: Home team -3.5 (-110), visitors +3.5 (-110). Money line: Home team -135, visitors +125. Over/under 47.5.

* Betting against the spread: Oddsmakers have made your team the favorite, since they are -3.5 points to win the game. For you to win this wager, your team must win by four or more points. If the score in the championship is 21-17, you win the bet. If your teams wins 21-20, your team wins the game but you lose the wager since they were a 3.5-point favorite. How much do you win? In this example, if you bet $110 on the home team and they “covered” the spread, you would get a return of $210 ($110 wager plus $100 profit).

* Betting the money line: This is strictly a win-or-lose-the-game bet. If the home teams wins, you win. If they lose, so do you. The payoffs? In our example, if you bet $135 on the home team, you would receive $235 ($135 wager plus $100 profit). If your neighbour bet $100 on the visitors and they won, they would receive $225 ($100 wager plus $125 profit).

* Betting the over/under: You are betting on the total points scored in the game here. If the home team wins 21-17, the winning wager is the under, since 38 is under the 47.5 point betting line. If the visitors win 30-21, the winning wager is the over, since 51 is over the 47.5 point betting line.

Betting lines get tricky when you play against the spread. Your team can still win the game, but you might lose your wager. In the beginning, it’s probably best to keep it simple and play the money line or over/under.

Vegas Betting Sites

There are some professional gamblers that fly into Las Vegas every weekend to bet on NFL games. On Monday morning, they are on their way back home. That’s a lot of time and miles, especially when online sports books are right at their fingertips.

Lineups to wager on the Super Bowl at major sports books on the Strip can take hours on the day of the big game. If you were lucky enough to pick the winner, expect to wait just as long to cash your ticket.

How about if you bet on Pittsburgh to win the Stanley Cup when you were in Vegas in the fall. How do you cash your winning futures ticket? The answer is, you have to mail the ticket to the sports book where you placed the bet. If you forget, there is a time limit. The winning ticket may be void by the time you return to Las Vegas.

None of this is a concern when you bet online with such sports books as Bovada, Topbet or Betonline. As long as the betting line for the big game is active, you can place money line bets, prop bets or futures in a wide array of sporting events. And payout is immediate, once the game becomes official.

Also, with all of these sites, bonus bets or cash are offered when you sign up.

As it says on these websites: “Join now.”

Top Betting Sites

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